A quick guide to job hunt

Quite a few of us are either searching for our first job after school or thinking about making that big jump post the pandemic. Having had extensive experience in job-hunting

Superpowers alert!

Venue: HomeDate: 05/01/21, Saturday 1:30 AM: I donned my eye mask and hit the sack. I heard a car screech.It was the husband and his phone. He had decided to

Grim Day Diaries

My thoughts are in italics. 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM – Google search for latest updates.I open a mobile web browser with a half-open eye. I type the following – India

Transitioning into newer normal

Incidence 1: It was a regular afternoon with Grey’s anatomy on the television and me pretending to ‘study’. The husband walked into the living room and announced that he would