It’s never going to be enough…

1st September 2017, Friday.

2:30 PM: Work had just started flowing in but we decided to leave anyway.

5:00 PM: I was 2 beautiful glasses of wine down. C and I had just had an amazing afternoon together. She had decided to swing by to see my new apartment (obviously not neatly kept). I don’t know what I would have done without her. So grateful to have her around. I decided to adult around after she left.

7:00 PM: Movie night/daytime (Summers: When it’s light out till 10 PM). I had sobered down by then. While waiting for the others our friend decided to show me around. He lives in this swanky and expensive apartment (and works for Amazon. No prizes for guessing). Superb location, killer apartment and breathtaking view from the rooftop. I silently wished I made a little more to have afforded an apartment here. The rooftop was… I am short of words… AMAZING to say the least. I did not wish to leave ever.



#livingTheDream #lifebesochill

7:30 PM: The food had been ordered. #eat24 The wine had been poured. We had the full screening room to ourselves. Movie night was about to begin.


8:30 PM: The food arrives. Earth, the Sangria Queen, walks in with all ingredients to make Sangria. Sangria has been the heart of everything lately. Fire, Water and I are busy talking and figuring out who sits where; which sofa would be the most comfortable; if the leather couches would be too cold for us once the AC catches up; what could be used as a footrest and what would be just the right temperature for the AC in the screening room to avoid the chills. While having this intense discussion I reached out to my organic lip balm in my Kate Spade bag. The others are Michael Kors fans.

A minute later Fire said, “Our life is so awesome! Our problems are more trivial than first world problems.” Water laughed and said, “And yet we wish for more.” And that made me think.

I guess it is human to never be content, to want more, to want it all and to strive for goals until you achieve them. I wonder why. Why can’t we count our blessings and be grateful for what we have? We have been living the life/dream/whatever you want to call it. Why can’t we live in the moment and cherish what we have? Wouldn’t it be awesome to have the list of ‘Things I want’ to be empty for a while?  It feels amazing not to *want* things all the time. It can be very liberating. I challenge you to try it. I know *wanting* things is essential for us to grow but that is a different ballgame altogether.

I have – an amazing job, a super supportive family, true friends, 20 shot glasses from my travels, a beautiful apartment, a classy couch (that fills my entire living room but it’s okay) and a center table (totally made me feel like a grown up)… and still I want more. I am trying not to. The question is… do you really need more to be happy? Are you losing sight of what you have in a race for achieving more? Do you value what you have? Because what you have right now was something you wished for once… Cherish it! Count your blessings. Fin.

#timeToCountYourBlessings #moreTrivialThanFirstWorldProblems