Something to hold on to…

As Instagram suggests, I have been dancing (sort of) for the past 2 years now. I don’t know what this suggests to you. To some it may seem that I have nothing else to do in life. To me it is something to hold on to. It’s something that keeps me sane and going. The funny thing is – I did not even know that. I was asked if i were joining both the sessions and I responded – 

“Yea, I need something to hold on to”, I said.

I studied Engineering. I always wanted to graduate from a reputed school and I did. I have an amazing job that I had never even dreamed of, beautiful set of friends, homey apartment, supportive family, extremely comfortable couch, entertaining TV and 1 and a 1/2 first-world problems and I still need something to hold on to? I was left wondering if this was a first world problem as well. Is nurturing your soul a cosmetic problem? Is wanting to do more than work unnecessary?

Maybe not. Work is not everything. Good grades don’t guarantee you a good life. Mental health is important too. You need something to forget the world momentarily, multiply your happiness, change your mood, be passionate about, look forward to after you’re done working for your dividends; something to hold onto. This ‘something’ is necessary for peace of mind. I realized this more as I grew older.

And by all means, this ‘something’ can change. Be it dancing, meditation, yoga, exercise,reading, writing, running …whatever floats your boat. Do it. We all need that something to hold onto…

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