Advice to my 25-year-old self…

Pausing the travelogue for a straight-from-the-heart post.
Date: 01/26/21, Tuesday
Venue: Chandler, AZ
Mood: Meh!
Song on my mind: I love my India from the movie ‘Pardes’ (unconventional for me, some would say!)
OOTD: Pajamas

7:30 AM: The husband and I woke up. We are digging the Arizona winter storm.

7:45 AM: *Looks at the mess* (read: in the sink. Not life). *Loads the dishwasher*

8:10 AM: *Makes tea*

8:30 AM: *Serves the tea, sits on the couch, and turns on CNN*

Somewhere between checking emails and sipping tea, I started talking to Fire. We spoke about life. We spoke about how misleading social media is – none can be that glamorous, beautiful, pretty, and thin! A trip to Seattle has been on the cards for a long time. I promised her that I’ll get on a flight the moment I receive an offer (finally). And she said the golden words. She said she was proud of my struggle and motivation regarding the job hunt. I thought it was great that she recognized it. Not many people do.

2:00 PM: Post lunch, the job hunt restarted. It’s been tough. My career has gone down different paths and domains for the past decade. I apply for roles that would allow me to apply 4/10 of my transferable skills. The way the world operated has changed during the pandemic. Your skillset will be obsolete if you don’t upskill yourself. I wonder if I could have shaped my career differently to remain more relevant in the industry at the moment. I wonder if I would have shaped my life differently had I trusted my instincts more. The past 6 years have been formative, to say the least. I wonder what I would advise my younger self for a smoother sail than I already experienced. Probably the following –

  1. Learn to let go – failures, people, situations, trash, unnecessary clothes, etc.
  2. Trust your intuition. You know what’s best for you.
  3. Steer clear of toxic people. Right now.
  4. Stay away from drama. You don’t have the brainpower for that.
  5. You will fail. Situations/entities/people will let you down. Move on. Forgive.
  6. Nobody/Nothing deserves those tears.
  7. Find the faith you lost. You will need it.
  8. Listen to the universe. Be strong enough to walk away.
  9. Do not quit.
  10. Believe that you have a beautiful life and extraordinary career ahead of you. You did not come this far to only come this far.
  11. Make the most of all opportunities.
  12. Relationships are hard. Nobody said it was easy.
  13. You are a warrior. Do not lay your sword. You picked it up for a reason.
  14. Don’t think about the past. It will be painful. Think about the future. It will be brighter than you can imagine.

4:15 PM: Ninad finally caught a break! We went and picked up the new desk from the holding room.

6:30 PM: *Starts writing this post from the new desk* While Ninad attends a meeting, I wonder if I would have done things differently had I known the tips before. Maybe I would have taken up the alternate job offer, taken some interview opportunities seriously, suffered lesser heartbreaks, not moved around the globe, and would have been more stable. Or not. I cannot decide if my life would have changed for the better/worse. The formative years have been splendid. UDub, Nike, Starbucks, and Visa with the cherry of international exposure on top? I have lived a life I could never imagine! It was meant to be. Who knows what the bigger picture is! I believe life has only begun. The beautiful bigger picture is not even half done yet. With this thought in mind, I will open LinkedIn tomorrow morning. For the rest of the evening, it’s Transformers time.

Having said that, I want to hear about your struggles and how you keep yourself motivated. Please leave your thoughts in the comment section. Gracias.

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10 thoughts on “Advice to my 25-year-old self…”

  1. Beautifully written!! Loved how you have narrated it and how you want to start fresh next morning and every morning after that!!

    I think somewhere at the back of my mind I knew these tips to a certain extent.. But difficult to apply them when you are actually in that situation.. “kalta pan valat nahi”.. So I wish I can implement things in future and not only Know them!

    Struggles are everyday struggles.. trying to get one task done or trying to motivate myself to cook.
    But there was a phase when I had to struggle to even convince myself to dance (something I love) .. and when you have zero motivation to do something you actually love, then it becomes so difficult.. Forcing myself to get up and do 1 step.. Had lost all faith in myself that I can ever dance again. I still have those days sometimes and even when I am dancing the constant struggle going in my mind regarding how I have degraded over time, slowly brings down the motivation.. and each day I have to make a fresh start and convince myself that I can still do it.

    The struggle to make everyone happy around me – I faced this for the longest period of time. It took a lot of experiences and years for me to understand that I cant keep everyone happy. I need to be OKAY if someone dislikes me or misunderstood me.

    And recently struggling with career.. Have a great job, but struggling to be happy with it and being thankful that I have one..

    I know everyone has different struggles, and even if they are same still everyone has different kind of challenges and strength and mental state and experiences.. So at the end of the day just trying to feel blessed that I am alive and healthy even during this pandemic.. I have great family and friends. And trying really hard to not consider those struggles as struggles but just experiences.. (fail most of the times).


  2. Hi Apurva! Thanks a lot for choosing to follow my blog. I’m so grateful for your support. I can’t wait to read more great posts from you. Please let me know if you’re on Twitter or Instagram so I can extend my support there too.


  3. I got married for the first time at 25, and divorced 8 years later. My advice to my 25 year-old self would be to have been a better husband. Too late now, unfortunately.
    Good luck with your job-hunting, blogging, and writing. And thank you for following my blog.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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