Movie Review: Hello Charlie

Streaming on: Amazon Prime
Running time: 102 minutes
Cast: Aadar Jain, Jackie Shroff, Elnaaz Norouzi, Shlokka Pandit
Genre: Comedy
Rating: 2/5

Forty minutes into the movie, I looked at my husband and asked him when the comedy part would start. Hundred minutes into it, I found myself asking the same question.

The movie revolves around Jain and Shroff – Jain being someone who cannot get anything right and Shroff being the billionaire who scammed various banks. Shroff’s girlfriend (Elnaaz) thinks Shroff could flee from the country in a Gorilla costume and hires Jain to transport the Gorilla to Diu. The comedy part is supposed to start now. Sadly, you don’t get everything in life.

Here’s a thing about comedy movies – it is all dependent upon comic timing and dialogs. At times, the story does not matter. You cannot force comedy. Something similar happened here. The comedy scenes did not fly despite having good actors like Rajpal Yadav and Bharat Ganeshpure. I wonder if Jackie Shroff even shot the Gorilla scenes since we mostly see keyhole shots of his face. Elnaaz and Shloka did well in their brief roles. Siddhant Kapoor surprises you in the character of the inspector. It is unsettling how similar Jain and Ranbir Kapoor look. They even talk alike! It may/may not be a good thing for Aadar in the future. We’ll see about that.

Overall, the movie was alright and not a must-watch. If you want to watch something funny, this movie may not be it.