Of Desiderata

Date: 07/27/20Author: Max Ehrmann, Desiderata, Copyright 1952 To beat the chaos, I was looking for a few inspirational words. I stumbled upon ‘Desiderata’ (Latin for ‘desired things’). Exactly what I

So far so good…

2019 was a roller-coaster ride. 2020 has been a ‘Sky scream Roller-coaster’ ride so far. Here’s what has changed. USA to India $ to ₹ Retail North America to Asia

#lessonsOfLife – Time zones

Date: 05/09/2019, Thursday Venue: Seattle, WA, USA 8:22 AM – A Whatsapp message pops up on one of the groups. It is an article about the time zones of life.

It hurts to pay retail…

Disclaimer: This post was created in my brain while waiting to get my nostril re-pierced. Day of event: 04/12/2019, Friday Weeks fly by. Earning calls come quick. Weekends arrive before


It all started more than 2 years ago when a friend of mine asked me to go and try this new Bollywood dance class in Seattle. I walked into a